Waste water generated by infrastructure wastes are delivered directly or indirectly to the Package Grilling Sand and Oil Collection Units.

Coarse materials (> 10 mm) are passed through the grid and washed after. Thin solids (<10 mm) are floated in wash water and filtered.

It is divided into mineral solids and organic solids. Minerals are washed simultaneously and then dewatered (<3% volatile, <10% water). Sand is separated and reused for road construction. Washed minerals are used as building material.

We use the Fine Grid product to separate organic solids (> 1 mm) from suspended materials. These solids are washed simultaneously, dewatered and compressed (> 30% KM). Alternatively, the Sand Holder, where even very fine sand (<0.2 mm) is removed, passes through our product, then flocculates and passes through the settling tank and enters the Dissolved Air Flotation facility to remove the remaining colloids. As a result, the treated wastewater can be recycled as a washing water and spray water to the sand washing machine and the fine grate.

If the treatment plant is located in the wastewater treatment plant, the organic hangers are simply added to the incoming wastewater for general treatment. In this case, neither the fine grid nor the sand trap, nor the flotation plant or the auger press is needed.