"Your choice of equipment on design and production power along with experience"

About us;
Established in 2007, Bioland Treatment Systems Ltd., with its 40 experienced key personnel, works on water and wastewater treatment equipment, biogas plants, odor and gas treatment plants, package type water treatment plants. In fact, it can be said that the production of all kinds of special types of steel in general is the activity of Bioland Treatment Systems.

Since its establishment, Bioland Treatment Systems believes that the quality of personnel will always increase the quality of the product. Therefore, we have invested in increasing the majority of both newly graduated engineers and experienced staff. As the staff gained experience, we started to carry out Research and Development activities funded by the Scientific Research and Technology Council of Turkey. For this reason, our company has gained experience and new know-how data from the personnel.

Bioland Treatment Systems has a total production area of 5000 m2, of which 3000 m2 is closed and 2000 m2 is open. Our main activities focus on the manufacture of specified water and wastewater treatment equipment and manufacture a wide range of sieves, penstocks, conveyors, skimmers and scrapers, sand separators, sand and GAC filters, dewatering equipment and weirs, aeration equipment, etc. products are manufactured in accordance with recognized and approved DIN and ASME standards.