The paper pulp industry is known for its large amount of water use and wastewater production. As Bioland Treatment Systems, we focus on reducing environmental impact and supporting sustainability by providing water treatment solutions in this sector.

Most of the water used in the manufacturing process contains organic pollutants and chemicals from paper production. That's why our wastewater treatment solutions are designed to effectively clean and discharge water without harming the environment.

Bioland Treatment Systems offers customized solutions to our customers in the paper pulp industry, offering a comprehensive approach that includes treatment steps such as dissolved organic matter removal, color removal, pH adjustment and sludge treatment.

Our aim is to contribute to the protection of water resources by promoting sustainability in the paper pulp industry. With our advanced technology and innovative solutions, we save energy and water in the treatment of waste water and display an environmentally friendly approach.

Bioland Treatment Systems Ltd. We contribute to the sustainable use of water resources by providing environmentally friendly, efficient and economical treatment solutions to our customers in the paper pulp industry. Surface water used as process water passes through the Multi Rake Bar Screen unit, which removes sediment and other disturbing solids.

Wastewater from the lumber process contains solids such as wood chips that we remove in the Fine Screen unit. The screw screen simultaneously washes, dewaters and compacts the screen residues so that the residues can be incinerated as solid waste.Then we remove the soil, sand and gravel with the Linear Grit Trap.

Wastewater from production and highly polluted with organics passes through a Rotary Drum Screen with a rotating screen for mechanical pre-treatment.

Wastewater from production and containing many filamentous materials is pumped into the Rotary Drum Screen unit. After this Chemical conditioning, we remove the remaining very fine threads and other solids in Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF). DAF effluent can be discharged into the sewer.