Wastewater from milk processing contains residues from organic solids and packaging materials. As Bioland Treatment Systems, we use our specially designed Rotary Drum Fine Screen product to effectively remove these organic solids. This product has a 1 mm screen spacing or 2 mm perforation spacing, effectively separating fruit particles, grains and other residues in dairy wastewater.

After the temporary storage process for flow and load equalization, we further treat the wastewater in our Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) product. DAF effluent is brought to a level that can be discharged to the sewer. However, it still contains a significant load of COD and BOD in the form of dissolved lactose (milk sugar).

Bioland Treatment Systems Ltd. offers customized solutions for the efficient treatment of dairy wastewater. The products we have developed to remove organic solids and reduce the dissolved lactose load provide efficiency and productivity in water treatment processes. While providing our customers with environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions, we also prioritize providing quality service and technical support.

As Bioland Treatment Systems, we provide our customers with solutions that are environmentally friendly and meet legal requirements, using our expertise and experience in the treatment of milk processing wastewater. We use our Rotary Drum Fine Screen to remove organic solids and Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) technologies to reduce dissolved lactose load. We aim to minimize the impact of wastewater on the environment by contributing to the protection and sustainable use of water resources.