Biological Package Treatment Unit

BIOLAND BK new system offers a new product by combining superior quality with new design.

The control panel of BIOLAND BK has a control panel, blower, drain pump, hypochlorite tank and dosing pump.

Biological package treatment units are waste water treatment units that we produce equivalent to 50 to 1,000 population. Domestic wastewater is biologically treated. The aerobic microorganisms in the system are converted to organic pollution by water and corbondioxide using oxygen, the amount of excess sludge formed in the process is very small, this fertilizer sludge can be emptied and used periodically several times a year.

BİOLAND BK is delivered ready to operate and consists of electrical and input and output pipes. BİOLAND BK is designed to work in environments where noise and odor are not welcome. This feature is one of the main reasons for choosing BİOLAND BK.