Bioland Treatment Systems Ltd. is a company specializing in potable water treatment and package treatment unit designs for industrial, commercial and domestic uses. It offers water treatment solutions to settlements of various sizes, from towns to cities.

Our company designs effective, reliable and high performance package treatment units for drinking water treatment. These units are optimized for cleaning water resources in residential areas and providing quality drinking water. We also offer purification systems for industrial, commercial and domestic uses that can be customized at different scales and needs.

Bioland Treatment Systems activates water treatment processes by using innovative designs and cutting-edge technologies. We aim to provide our customers with environmentally friendly, energy efficient and sustainable solutions. In addition, we provide the best service and support by focusing on customer satisfaction at every stage of the project.

Bioland Treatment Systems Ltd., with its expertise and experience in water treatment, is committed to providing its customers with reliable, quality and cost-effective treatment solutions. In the tourism sector, we continue to work on protecting water resources, providing access to clean drinking water and environmental sustainability.