Wastewater from the washing of livestock vehicles not only contains faeces, but also contains straw and sawdust. We remove such solids with Screw Grid. Screen residues are washed and then dewatered and compressed to a solids concentration of at least 35% DM to return the faeces to the wastewater; can be incinerated as solid waste.

In places where cattle are slaughtered, between 35 and 50 kg of rumen waste is produced per animal; These wastes have a water content of around 90%. Our Coarse Matter Compactor product reduces the volume by 50-60% and increases the solids concentration up to 20-40% DM. Wastewater from the slaughterhouse contains excess blood and oil. We pre-treat this wastewater with our Grate product.

After the interim storage for flow and load balancing, we treat the wastewater inside our Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) facility for further treatment. The water from the DAF unit can be discharged to the sewer. The effluent can be discharged directly to the receiving environment. The effluent is also of very high quality, almost disinfected, allowing reuse as process water.