It is a sector that is widely used in sectors such as mining industry, iron-steel and non-ferrous metal products, ceramics, soil industry, cement and stone crushing. However, according to researches, an average of 120 million m3 of water is drawn annually in this industrial sector. Only 20% of this water is treated and the rest is discharged.

Bioland Treatment Systems Ltd. We are aware of the fact that water use and wastewater discharge in the mining industry is an important problem. For this reason, we are working to provide environmentally friendly and effective water treatment solutions to companies in the sector.

Most of the treated water is cleaned by physical and chemical treatment methods. In this process, the pollutants and harmful substances contained in the water are removed, making it cleaner and more environmentally friendly. The purification systems that we have specially designed for the needs ensure efficient treatment of water by using the latest technologies.

Bioland Treatment Systems is of great importance in the protection of water resources and environmental sustainability. We offer our customers not only effective treatment solutions, but also systems that increase energy efficiency and promote water savings.

In order to reduce water use and wastewater discharge in the mining industry, to prevent environmental pollution and to use water resources in a sustainable manner, Bioland Artım Sistemleri Ltd. offers customized solutions that meet the needs of the industry. We provide our customers with economical, environmentally friendly and efficient water treatment systems, as well as expert technical support and services.