Today, we focus on our most valuable treasure, our nature, which should be protected by the joint efforts of the whole world. As we celebrate June 5 World Environment Day with enthusiasm and awareness, we would like to remind once
again our responsibility to our planet.

Nature not only offers us beauty, but also provides us with our vital resources. From clean air to clean water, from biodiversity to natural resources, each is an integral part of our lives. However, as a result of human activities,
the natural balance may be disturbed and ecosystems may be damaged. Here, World Environment Day offers an opportunity to reduce these negative impacts and build a sustainable future.

This special day encourages the search for solutions to global environmental problems with the contribution of each of us. It is possible to create a cleaner and greener world together with steps such as adopting sustainable lifestyles,
using energy and resources effectively, reducing waste and protecting natural life.

Today, while celebrating World Environment Day; We are taking steps to build a more livable world by acting together, preserving the beauties and resources of nature.

Let’s contribute to our hope for the future by evaluating today with environmental awareness. As we celebrate World Environment Day, let’s continue on the path of protecting our environment with love and responsibility.

We are strong together for nature, for the future!