Today, we are experiencing the joy of celebrating our children, who are the guarantee of the future and the brightest stars of our hopes, as well as a historical commemoration day when the Turkish Grand National Assembly was opened.
April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day is a special day that brings together Turkey’s commitment to democracy and the joy of our children.

Children are the leaders of tomorrow and the force that will shape the future of our country. April 23 celebrates not only the cute faces of children, but also their dreams, hopes and potential. Expressing his belief in children, Mustafa
Kemal Atatürk stated that the administration of the Republic of Turkey belongs to them in the future. Today is an opportunity to understand this trust and responsibility and to provide the best future for our children.

The opening of the Turkish Grand National Assembly is a representative symbol of the will and sovereignty of the nation. This special day is an opportunity to emphasize our commitment to democracy, the rule of law and national will.
We celebrate a historical legacy in order to understand and sustain the power of democracy.

Let’s share the joy and energy of our children as we celebrate April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. Let’s support them to carry our country to a brighter future by providing them with the best education and conditions.
This holiday is a great opportunity to collect loving memories and be with our children.

We wish you a 23 April full of love, hope and future leaders!