On the anniversary of the passing of Commander-in-Chief Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk into eternity, we commemorate him with great respect in Turkey and around the world. Every year on November 10, on Ataturk Commemoration Day, we once again look with respect at the life and legacy of this great leader, the founder and leader of Turkey.

Ataturk is considered a transformative figure not only for Turkey but also in contemporary world history. It has been a source of inspiration worldwide with its principles such as patriotism, modernity, the importance of science and education, women’s rights and democracy. His ideas and progressive perspective maintain their importance not only in the Turkey of that period but also today.

Atatürk Commemoration Day is an opportunity to remember and keep alive not only a leader, but also the values he represented. Ataturk’s leadership and vision are filled with determination to make his country a part of the modern world. This determination is still felt in many parts of Turkey and the world today.

Ataturk Commemoration Day also provides the opportunity to inform younger generations about his legacy and principles. As he promised, youth, which he called “my greatest work”, is the future of the country. It is of great importance for young people to understand Atatürk’s legacy and adopt his principles for the progress of the country.

Today, on Ataturk Commemoration Day, as we commemorate the great leader with respect, we feel the responsibility to carry his ideas and principles even further. His legacy offers us not only history but also guidance for the future. On this important day, we commemorate Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk with love, respect and gratitude.

Let us not forget that our belief in the future and our commitment to Atatürk’s vision are among the most valuable legacies that will carry our country forward.